Setting your prices eBook


A lot of groomers struggle with the pricing process and end up undercharging for their work. They resolve to ask pricing questions in Facebook groups and get their pricing suggestions from other groomers that are caught in the same trap.

In order to set a proper price that is adapted to YOUR needs, you need to know your costs of running the business and how much you need to have as a salary to survive. But your prices are not entirely based on that equation – there is much more involved.

This 40-page Ebook will walk you through how to calculate your hourly pricing and then creating a price list based on that number. You will also learn how to deal with client’s pricing questions, communicating price increases, and planning your cash flow so you can avoid the dreaded stress during slow periods.

There is no easy equation that can give you the price you must set in order to have a viable business and no one can tell you how much you should charge. You must know your OWN figures -it will otherwise be hard to stand your ground towards the clients.