Welcome to the Educated groomer – the handy way of upgrading your grooming skills 

Learn from the comfort of your sofa – no need to travel anywhere or having to sort out a babysitter in order to go to a seminar.

My coaching story

My name is Mia Övernäs and I have been a professional dog groomer since 1993. I have been breeding and showing champion wire haired fox terriers and poodles for 20 years and I have set up and run 3 successful grooming businesses in 3 different types of locations. My career includes competing and judging in grooming competitions, appearing on national and international television and newspapers – but most of all, I have been educating groomers for the past 20 years in all stages of their career. From beginners that want to pursue a new career to seasoned groomers that want to work on specific details.

My seminars have been everything from small and informal in a private shop setting up to an audience of 400 groomers from all over the world in a conference centre.

Real life education is always the best way of learning – but for a lot of groomers it’s a struggle to head off to seminars and training. Distance,pets,kids and your business will many times limit your ability to travel to seminars and this is when online training comes in handy.

No travel and you can access the material at a time that suits you . With unlimited access to the material you can re watch it as many times as you want during your subscription. You are not committing to a year’s payment – this is a monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime you want .

More about me

You will find content on all subjects related to our daily work

New content added every month!

Our instruction videos are filmed close up so that you can see exactly at what angle the scissor comes in when creating a style and in depth voice instructions
There is written material in the form of flippable ebooks that covers business management ,techniques, breed styling and more.

You will also get access to the mentoring forum where you can ask questions,get styling help and share your workday achievements or rants with other members. The forum will also act as a mentoring group -I will be your Mentor even if it is at a distance 🙂 

You can always give suggestions about subjects that you want me to cover in upcoming webinars/instructional videos. 


You get all of this for only €20/month!!!

Subscription is charged monthly. You can cancel your membership at anytime. You get unlimited access to all materials as long as your subscription is active.

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