It’s always easier to work on the dog if you have a table for it to stand on. That will give a signal to the dog that ” we are going to work” and it also gives you a better work position so you don’t kill your back. 
You can of course take any old table and remodel it for your purpose -just make sure the height is ok so that you can stand with a straight back and that the table is not too big so that the dog ends up too far away from you. 
It’s also handy to have a ” grooming arm” that can act as your third arm so that you can attach the dog with a lead and prevent the dog from jumping down from the table.
( never leave the dog alone on the table as it can fall and injure itself. )

You also need a nonslip surface on the table so that the dog feels secure. You can use an anti-slip mat for bathtubs -they are easy to clean. 

Second-hand grooming tables can often be found on Buy and sell sites, Marketplace, Facebook groups and don’t be afraid to buy it second hand. 
The best price for a new one is usually on Amazon/eBay – but if you are going to buy a whole set of tools  – write a list of what you are looking for and check with grooming tool suppliers if they can give you a good package deal.