This guide does not show breed-specific styling -it’s a guide on how to clip your own dog into a basic pet trim with the same length all over and just leave the ears/tail and maybe the head a bit longer. 
This is not a training course on how to become a dog groomer-this is only for pet owners that want to clip their own dog. 

There are 2 different styles demonstrated in this guide – one shorter that can be done with a clipper blade all over and one longer where you use what is called an attachment comb.

  Some blades range from 1.5 mm up to 19 mm that you can use. So using a blade doesn’t mean the dog ends up naked.
I do however rather use an attachment comb if I want anything longer than 13 mm as they are easier to work with than the really long blades.
The attachment combs can be up to 5 cm -but I find that the really long ones are hard to manoeuvre.

 I have divided the videos into several shorter segments so it’s easier to go back and check them again if you feel that you need to repeat something, rather than having one long video.